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Raised in Southern Alberta, Morgan embodies everything it means to be a cowgirl in both her music and day to day life. The importance of storytelling and music has always been an pivotal part of the cowboy culture and the two are heavily intertwined for her writing songs from the back of the horse and seat of the tractor. This ultimately paved the way for her to wear her heart on her sleeve as she began pursuing her own independent career. She now sings her lungs out about her own life’s adventures with her heartfelt writing style and upbeat attitude. Her authenticity and honesty stem from the realities of life as a rancher and being a hardworking female in an old boy’s world. A powerful, resonant voice paired with her approachable lyrics earns her rapport with every show she plays. Her writing style reflects the expanse of the windy plains she comes from with the sounds of the honkytonks she performs in. Many genres and artists have influenced her style, and although a country artist through and through, she includes these influences along with her country western roots to create the sound and energy you feel and hear as Morgan Klaiber.

Singing harmonies came as naturally as the rhythm did and her performance career began at a very young age alongside her father, Reese Klaiber. In later years she became a member of the Reese Klaiber Band performing rodeos and festivals as well as opening for Travis Tritt at a local show. She then began branching out on her own as the lead singer of her rock band project, Stolen Horse. Stepping into the genre gave her even more vocal confidence as she learned to really let her hair down and captivate audiences with powerful rockstar vocal notes. The combination of covering songs by bands such as Heart, Led Zeppelin, AC/DC, and many other classic rock artists, alongside an experienced band of players, earned the group a spot opening for Alberta Legend, Paul Brandt, when his show came to town. But upon moving back to the family ranch, she got together with her old friends back home and became a member of the local country band, Fox and the Hounds. They began making waves covering a wide variety of popular and nostalgic country music, in which Morgan felt it was the right fit to start playing her original work with.

In November, with the help of her down home proper country band, Morgan was awarded the title of the 2023 Ranchman’s Rising Star, which she feels has been one of her most joyous music accomplishments to date, alongside opening for Paul Brandt at a hometown show. After playing for many years individually, alongside her dad, and with various cover groups, she is now bringing her own music to the table heading for bigger stages, such as Country Thunder Alberta and Big Valley Jamboree in August 2024. When she’s not belting it out on stage, or singing her favourite songs around the campfire, you’ll find her back home on the family ranch with her dirty boots and hat on, living through another day’s adventure that she might even write a song about.

Upcoming Shows

13 July, 2024

Lloyd Ex Fair Concerts

Lloydminster, Alberta

1 & 2 August, 2024

Big Valley Jamboree

Camrose, Alberta

10 August, 2024

Cars & Guitars

Medicine Hat, Alberta

17 August, 2024

Country Thunder

Calgary, Alberta

19 October, 2024

Esplanade Album Release

Medicine Hat, Alberta



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